Bree has found her life’s ultimate joy and fulfillment when she has made time for both her passions: dance and family. For years she would dream of becoming a successful dancer, teacher and choreographer, but she put those dreams on hold to become a mother. It didn’t take long for her to realize two things- that her time spent fulfilling her need for dance made her a better wife and mother, AND that her family inspired her and supported her in such a way that her passion for dance intensified. It was a symbiotic relationship that gave her such completeness- she knew it was meant to be.

After dancing through her youth, college and professionally, Bree found that her deepest love for the art was in the creation. She was often caught daydreaming about an idea, sketching props, sets or costumes, and searching the most unexpected places for inspiration and originality. She has had the priceless opportunity to let her (oftentimes crazy) ideas loose through the medium of exceptionally talented and willing students- a process with which she continues to fall deeper in love!  Music, motion, form and emotion inspire her on so many levels, and her dreams are coming to fruition with every piece she creates!

Now, as she strives to enter the ranks with some of the well-known choreographers in the country, she feels her abilities and desires to create becoming second nature. As for her future, whether her stage be big or small- the absolute joy and love she feels for the art, the creation, and those she is privileged to teach will fill her life all the same.