My Palms are Sweating….

by admin on May 9, 2013


It’s official.  And I can barely breathe. 

Let me start by saying how terribly awkward and uncomfortable it is for me to think that I will spend the next 30 days finding any venue I can to ask people for monetary donations.  I am not good at asking for help, and I am particularly bad at verbalizing any request for financial/fundraising help.  I’m the mom that just writes the school a check so we don’t have to call all our relatives asking for pledges…

But here I am – facing my my most difficult position and (literally)  praying that there are enough people out there who believe in me… and hoping that my sincere gratitude and appreciation are felt and received without apprehension.

Here’s the story:

As many of you know, Capezio Brands, Break the Floor Productions, and Dallas Repertoire Ballet have awarded me a unique and truly incredible opportunity.  In July of 2013 I will premiere an entire night of my own work here in Dallas, then take this show for a 4-performance run in NEW YORK CITY! (I’m not at all excited….) 😉

This is absolutely a dream come true for me.  This show, and all that could come from it, is truly the pinnacle of my life’s work as a choreographer thus far.  I never imagined I would be given such an opportunity – and I cannot fully describe the humble gratitude I feel.

Needless to say, I am taking this opportunity very seriously and have put a lot of thought into my message.  I feel this can be a great platform for me to express the passion I have for dance as a wholesome, artistic form of communication.  For this reason, I have chosen the title Positive Space; a celebration of dance as the deeply moving and wonderfully uplifting art form I believe it to be.  I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to give of my time, talents, heart and soul to make this come to fruition, and I hope and pray that my little voice may make some small impact on how my audience perceives the potential of The Dance as a way to create “positive space”.

With all this said, in order for me to take my message (and all the dancers, props and costumes) on this journey, I will need your help.  I have strictly budgeted the need for… wait for it… $25,000.00 for costumes, props, theater rental, flights, travel and hotel accommodations, marketing, and a small allowance for my adult performers.  Yeah, I nearly passed out too.

I have launched a account for all monetary donations.  This site provides a venue for artists like me to collect financial support from donors worldwide and in turn, reward donors for their support. The site has been an instrumental piece of my fundraising plans, but it does come with a risk.  Kickstarter is based on timed, “all or nothing” approach. They take each donor’s credit card information and donation amount, but place it on hold until the project becomes 100% funded before the time expires.  This means that within my 30-day window I will either make my full amount… or nothing. (gulp)

So, clearly, I am here to humbly ask for your support.  I am hoping that in your own way – whether big or small – each of you reading this will feel inspired to help me by making a donation.  All you need to do is click here to see my page.  There you will be able to see my video and read all about the project.  On the right sidebar you will see the rewards you will receive for each incremental donation.  Just click the big green “Back This Project” button and off you go! And – because the donations go through Dallas Repertoire Ballet, a 501(c)3, your donation is tax-deductible!

If you can OR cannot donate – please help by sharing this link with anyone you know.  Each of you can help me gain supporters! …And, please forgive me in advance for the “please donate” overkill for the next 30 days… I wish I had the bulging bank account to take care of it all myself! Maybe someday… 😉

Thank you all SO very much for your continued friendship, love and support of my aspirations.  I feel overwhelmed that I have been given this priceless opportunity – and I give all the credit to God and all the amazing people He has placed in my path that have believed in me and ushered me along.

Much love,


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