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by admin on February 12, 2013

Positive Space shoot

Good morning all!

The dates have been set and I am pretty. darn. excited.  Here is the info– I can’t wait to see what amazing talent I am blessed to work with this summer!

As an introduction; I am a Dallas teacher and choreographer whose work has been hand-picked by Capezio, Break the Floor Productions and Dallas Repertoire Ballet to represent them in this exciting Dallas-to-NYC Summer Concert series. Selected from hundreds to compete as an Capezio A.C.E. Choreographer last summer, my work was chosen top three by a judging panel including Mia Michaels, Ray Leeper, and many other incredible choreographers. (umm, YAY!)

Positive Space will be a celebration of the power of dance as a means of communication, art, emotion, entertainment and healing.  With a unique use of movement, concept and story, we will touch lives as the dancers weave movement, emotion and acting into a full-length experience for their audience.  Because of my moral beliefs and religious background, I am committed to a wholesome, lovely, and uplifting form of the art.  I have chosen Positive Space as a platform to give the audience a wonderful, exciting, entertaining and touching night of dance without compromise.  I am thrilled to create a “positive space” for people of all ages to experience the beauty and thrill of the dance.

Positive Space will be searching for talented male and female dancers, 18-years and older, for a Dallas-to-NYC performance opportunity.  Dancers must be available and without conflict from late May-early August 2013.

All chosen dancers will have round-trip flights from Dallas to NYC paid for, transportation to and from a New York airport to Manhattan, your hotel stay in NYC paid for, and a daily per diem in NYC.  We will also pay each dancer an extra “stipend” for the course of the show.  We have not yet determined the exact amount, since our fundraising efforts are still in full-swing.  The one thing I do know is that every penny above and beyond paying for the show will go straight to my dancers (as in, I am not collecting any profit for myself or the production company, etc. In fact, being donors, we are personally helping pay for the show!) 🙂

If a dancer is NOT based in Dallas from late May through the early August 2013, they will be responsible for their own flights, living and travel accommodations to/within Dallas for the rehearsal period.  If necessary, their flight to NYC can be returned to their hometown rather than Dallas. In this case Positive Space will pay for one checked bag to/from NYC.  Also, if there are willing Dallas-based dancers chosen for the show, we can look into “host-families” for out-of-state dancers.  Obviously these details will be worked out in time; but need to be considered before auditioning.

There will be two live auditions for dancers in the Dallas area:

Audition 1: March 13, 2013 – 5:00-7:00pm Academy of Dance Arts – 604 W Bethany #200 Allen, TX

Audition 2: May 20, 2013 – 9:00-11:00am Academy of Dance Arts in Allen, TX

For the live auditions you will need to bring a headshot (will not be returned), resume including all contact info, and three non-family references with contact info.  You will need to be prepared to fill out a sheet of info, improv, learn a combo, and show your specialty skills such as acro, pointe work, tap, etc.  Those skills will not be required, but if ya got it – FLAUNT IT! 😉  It could make a difference for your audition.

To be considered through video audition for Positive Space, the following will be required: 
1. Current resume including contact info and three non-family references with their contact information (pdf, word, or pages)
2. Headshot (pdf or jpg)
3. 1-3 minutes of solo work (in contemporary, lyrical or jazz) via YouTube/other link.
4. Any extra desired photos or video links to be considered (other genres, choreo, pointe work, acro skills, etc)

Please email your submission to positivespace@breehafen.com 
Or, to mail resume, head shot and a DVD of your work, please send it to:
Positive Space Submissions 
11625 Custer Road #110 Suite 252
Frisco, TX 75035

Rehearsals will take place at Academy of Dance Arts in Allen, TX from late May through early August with the Dallas performance taking place July 26 and 28, and the NYC shows continuing through August 7th.  Dancers will need to be available and in Dallas for those months.  Rehearsals will take place in the morning-early afternoon hours to leave time for college classes and other jobs in the afternoons and evenings.  I will not work around regular dancer conflicts, and will only consider dancers who will be able to commit to this time-frame.

I know that many young dancers are still looking for opportunities to build their resumes, get their name out, and build experience. This opportunity will obviously do all three. The Dallas show will include guest performers (Chelsie Hightower(!) and others awaiting confirmation) including a week of open workshop classes taught by these guest performers, and possibly even some Positive Space dancers.  These classes will come at no cost to Positive Space dancers, and – if chosen to teach – could mean extra pay, teaching, and choreo experience/exposure.  At the very least – you’re taking class from amazing Master Teachers FOR FREE!  The NYC shows take place during the Dance Teacher Summit, so if you are looking for exposure as a guest teacher or choreographer — your face, talent and bio will be in front of hundreds of studio owners and dance business executives from across the nation. Also, it is produced by Gil Stroming and Break the Floor Productions… and with Gil owning half the dance world, it’s never a bad thing to get your foot in the door with him! 😉 And, our show will take place with the other two A.C.E. winners’ shows, creating a networking opportunity between our casts. Oftentimes “It’s not what you know…” 🙂

I am still feverishly working on fund-raising to make this show happen.  I am selling and taking donations to my [+]SPACE store, and soon will be posting my KickStarter.com account.  If you are a supporter of the arts, Dallas talent, mommies with dreams, or just want my sweet dancers to be paid what they are worth!! – please spread the word and donate.  This show is not possible without your support.

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